Sunday, 18 November 2018 19:50


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At LoP we work every day on new ideas for a better society to be launched ASAP. We want to anticipate today two great projects incubation for a better environment.

The first one’s named “Water-up”: a fire extinguishing system that multiplies per 10 the capacity of traditional planes and helicopters. Imagine water-up developed and working in California nov. 2018. A lot of lives and material damage could have been avoided. Water-up consists on a fast canalization and elevation of water from lakes, rivers or the sea near to a fire. In 24hrs we estimate that water-up can be working efficiently at any part of a country that has developed the system.

Another project is called “self-container”: an autonomous container transport that replaces polluting trucks by efficient 0 emission transport. Imagine thousands of containers transported from the origin port to destination automatically. Pollution reduction and traffic safety improvement would be enormous!

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